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VIDEO El Paso congresswoman says Trump 'not welcome' in the city after mass shooting.

Rep. Veronica Escobar, D-Texas, had a message for President Donald Trump. 
The Texas Democrat, who speaks to El Paso, the site of an ongoing mass shooting that left in any event 20 individuals dead, said that Trump was "not greet" in El Paso on the off chance that he came to visit due to his provocative talk about Latinos and foreigners. 


The loss of life in the El Paso shooting expanded to 22 on Monday. There are currently 24 harmed. 
El Paso police said the shooter distributed a "declaration" before his shooting that had the enemy of settler and supremacist talk, and experts were researching the assault as a potential loathe wrongdoing. The suspect is a 21-year-old white man from Allen, Texas. 

"Words have outcomes. The president has made my locale and my kin the foe," said Escobar on MSNBC's "Morning Joe." "He has told the nation that we are individuals to be dreaded, individuals, to be abhorred." 

"I trust that [Trump] has the mindfulness to comprehend that we are in agony, and we are grieving, and we are doing the absolute best in our run of the mill, agile, El Paso approach to be strong," Escobar proceeded. "Thus I would ask his staff and his group to consider the way that his words and his activities have assumed a job in this." 

She included that Hispanic individuals "have been dehumanized by the president and his empowering agents" and this was "perhaps the absolute bottom in American history." 
Officials have called for activity on weapon control in the wake of the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, however, they vary on the sorts of enactment. The Place of Agents has passed a few bills to grow historical verifications for firearms, however, the Senate has not made any move on the bills. 
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Trump proposed in a Monday morning tweet that he needed to connect more grounded individual verifications to "migration change," however he gave no insights concerning how the two issues would be connected in the enactment. 

Trump is required to visit the destinations of the shootings in the not so distant future. The Related Press announced that the Government Avionics Organization has issued warnings of VIP travel to El Paso and Dayton on Wednesday.  

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