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Video: Jim Brown, Trump & America Are Not Racist.

Football corridor Of famer Jim Dark colored told "Fox and Companions" Tuesday morning that neither President Donald Trump nor America are bigot. Whenever inquired as to whether Trump was "a bigot," Dark colored answered: "I'm happy you asked me that. Obviously not. Is America supremacist? Obviously not." 

Darker likewise urged dark Americans to quit pointing the finger at Trump for the high murder rate since "it's the dark network that requirements to address it… and the dark network isn't doing what it ought to do." 

The previous NFL star proposed dark individuals need to consider the positive and quit pushing the negative. "What number of dark competitors are moguls in light of the fact that of..white fans that back to those recreations?" He inquired. 

Darker emphasized his restriction to football players taking a knee amid the playing of the national hymn as a type of challenge. "We ought to never slander our banner or our song of devotion … something I could never do," he said.

He adulated Trump's treatment of North Korea in light of the fact that "two or three months back, I was taking a gander at an atomic war." 

In the wake of watching a clasp of Dark executive Spike Lee portray America as being based upon the "slaughter or local individuals and subjugation," Darker proposed it was critical to recollect the "general population that gave their lives" for dark advancement. 


"Bondage is an accursed sort of circumstance… it's a truth of our past… yet we've gone path past gone route past that specific sort of circumstance," he said.

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