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Watch: Elderly Woman Harassed By Antifa Protesters Speaks Out. Here’s Her Defiant Message

Woman harassed by Antifa speaks out (Twitter screengrab)

An elderly woman who was harassed by Antifa while trying to cross the street to attend an event in Canada on Sunday had a defiant message for opponents of free speech.
“Free speech is a cornerstone of our democracy, and can never and will never be denied,” she said in a video posted Tuesday afternoon by her son, David Turkoski.
Turkoski, a martial arts instructor according to his Twitter profile, said his mother was “being called a Nazi” for going to a lecture about free speech.

The woman, along with her husband, were recorded being harassed by anti-fascist (Antifa) activists while attempting to cross the street to attend an event featuring YouTube personality Dave Rubin and Canadian politician Maxime Bernierat at Mohawk College in Ontario, Canada. 

The slogans they shouted included “Nazi scum, off our street.”


Antifa regularly uses violence and intimidation to attempt to silence opposing views. In July, President Donald Trump called for the labeling of the group as a terror organization.

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