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Watch: Hillary Forgets Doing The Exact Thing She Accused Trump Of Doing

Hillary Clinton Twitter tweet

Hillary Clinton ripped into President Trump for asking China to Investigate Biden… 

Delusional Hillary must have forgotten that she called on China to steal and release Trump’s Tax Returns in May.

President Trump went over the Democrats paid fake news media mob PR firm and told America that both China and Ukraine should investigate Joe Biden and son Hunter.
Of course, it was a tongue-in-cheek request by President Trump , but as we know sarcasm goes right over the Democrats head.
But because the Democrats only have six ongoing investigations they now want to start even more.
Democrats believe what President Trump jokingly asked for is an impeachable offense and demand another investigation because six ongoing ones just aren’t enough.
The Democrats believe with even more ‘Get Trump‘ investigations they’ll finally find some sort of crime that they know President Trump must be guilty of committing.

Hillary Clinton, who never misses an opportunity to whine about losing to Trump in 2016, jumped in on the controversy, back brace and all.

Except, Hillary forgot one thing, she made the same exact thing just four months ago when Queen Hillary called on China to steal and release President Trump’s tax returns.
Hillary Clinton hypothetically suggested a scenario where the 2020 Democrat clown car candidate for president call on China to hack into the IRS to get Trump’s tax returns.

We don’t call them “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” Hypocrite Democrats for nothing!


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