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Adam Schiff's impeachment means nothing to normal Americans, Claims Tucker Carlson

Tucker and Schiff

Popular Fox News host Tucker Carlson began his show by talking about what is going in in Washington D.C. and said those who oppose President Trump were in a “slobbering hysteria,” even as Trump was preparing to speak at a rally in Louisiana. 
He went on to describe what exactly we have learned from the first day of the impeachment hearings. Carlson described the typical opponent of the president and said that he or she “hated Trump when the woke up yesterday morning and hated him a little more when you went to bed after watching 11 straight hours of CNN.”
He went on to say, “But if you were anyone else in America, someone with kids and a job and a marriage you care about, it probably had no effect at all. You keep hearing distant rumblings about UKRAINE, AMBASSADORS AND TRANSCRIPTS AND PHONE CALLS. But you are not quite sure what it all adds up to. You suspect it’s politics and those who run things hate Trump, they always have and you know that.
Carlson went on to say that “For now, you wish the buffoons on Television would stop yapping about Trump 24/7 and talk about something that is relevant to your life.”
The Fox News host said that the TV pundits most likely won’t stop because the despise the president. He called it “unhealthy.” Then Carlson showed clips of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo who heaped praise on the witnesses who testified saying they were acting with “duty” and that they should make us “proud.” That clip was followed by another clip of a CNN panel led by CNN host Don Lemon. He called the witnesses against Trump patriots. Max Boots called those who testified “utterly convincing.”
Carlson maintained that the liberal news media is asking the country to trust them that the witness are not partisan and this is all on the level. It is as trustworthy as “Jeffery Epstein’s autopsy results.”

Carlson wrapped up his monologue by declaring that the impeachment process will end up hurting the Democratic Party. Do you agree?


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