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AG Barr Defends President Trump, Says Democrats Are “Using Every Tool and Maneuver to Sabotage the Functioning of the Executive Branch”

AG Barr stood up for President Trump and the Executive Branch stating that Democrats are “using every tool and maneuver to sabotage the functioning of the Executive Branch”.

At the 28:00 mark of the video below, AG Barr shared this –
As I said the framers fully expected intense pulling between Congress and the Executive.  Unfortunately just in the past few years we’ve seen these conflicts take on an entirely new character.  Immediately after President Trump won election opponents inaugurated what they called ‘the resistance’ and they rallied around an explicit strategy of using every tool and maneuver to sabotage the functioning of the Executive Branch and his administration.  The language used to describe insurgency against rule imposed by an occupying military power.  It obviously connotes, it obviously connotes, that the government is not legitimate.  This is a very dangerous and indeed incendiary notion to import into the politics of a democratic republic.
The Hill shared this part of the AG’s speech –
Here are some more highlights from the speech 
16:50 – AG Barr goes “Booo” to liberals –
18:15 – Executive theory
30:30 – Democrats in the Senate preventing President Trump from building his government – under the Trump Presidency, the Senate has needed to invoke cloture 236 times – only 17 in 8 years under Obama and only 4 in Bushes first term.
36:00 – Trump was up front in his campaign and the people voted him in
37:20 – Democrats are shredding the rule of law and constitutional norms
45:50 – Courts as well are increasing judicial reviews and getting themselves into national security and foreign affairs which are Executive Branch activities – travel ban is an example

51:00 – Nationwide injunctions are also increasing with over 40 under President Trump and only 2 under Obama
52:00 – Every major policy under President Trump has been subject to immediate freezing by the courts

AG Barr again shows his brilliance and confirms his support for the Executive Branch and President Trump.

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