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Alabama College Student Sneaks in ‘Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’ Live on MSNBC

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Watch as an Alabama College Student sneaks in “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself” live on the air on MSNBC.
This is terrific, via MSNBC:
Now THAT is hilarious!
REPORTER: What do you make of President Trump’s visit here to this big game this afternoon?
STUDENT: Honestly I’m so honored the president would come to Tuscaloosa. Having the current president come to your university and it’s my last, like, big home game here at the university, and seeing your president come watch your Alabama football game is so exciting to me and I’m so thrilled to have him here.
 What kind of reception will he be met with inside the stadium?
STUDENT: I think a very positive reaction for the president. I think probably either a standing ovation or a lot of cheering. That’s the vibe on campus all week. I would be surprised if there was anything other than that. If there is, very small.
REPORTER: The three of you told me you voted for the president in 2016. You are supporters of his. Why do you like him so much and what policies stand out to you?
STUDENT: Mainly just the no-nonsense policies and especially since Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself. Awesome. Totally perfect.
REPORTER: Turning back to Alabama you want to tell me a little about the Senate race? I noticed have your buttons on here. What are you looking for in that?
STUDENT: I’m a big supporter of the congressman of Alabama’s first district down in mobile and running toant next U.S. Senator challenging Doug Jones in the next upcoming election in Alabama. The best to represent Alabama’s voices. Here today at the game and excited to see what Alabama that.
REPORTER: Notice on your button, President Trump and —
STUDENT: And Nick Saban right here on the button.
REPORTER: Coach of the Alabama team. Tells you, MAGA hats here, Trump signs and plaques. A lot of that action as we head into the game and I’ll let the students get into the stadium, Kendis, back to you.

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