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Anti-Trump Group Makes Next Move to Install President Pelosi

Anti-Trump Group Makes Next Move to Install President Pelosi

George Soros, the Tides Foundation and Democracy Alliance have struck again, this time forming one of the newest incarnations of corrupted organizations bent on the destruction of Donald Trump and his pack of patriot investigators. American Oversight is the Left’s answer to Tom Fitton’s highly-effective and successful Judicial Watch and the long knives are out for the president.
While US Attorney for Connecticut John Henry Durham and US Attorney General William Barr continue to close in on the perpetrators of the massive Russia Collusion hoax conspiracy to steal the 2016 election, Obama’s cronies have been quietly arming up a team of anti-Judicial Watch counsels (now numbering in excess of 30 members) with special emphasis on accelerating the Ukraine Quid Pro Quo scam. The hope of this extremely hateful group of malcontents who thought that the ascension of Hillary Clinton to her throne of power was all but a formality is to effect the impeachment of Donald Trump before the official reports of both Durham and Barr are released to the public.
This group has already been given the green light on pursuit of this illegitimate investigation that seeks to slow down the momentum of the Russia Collusion hoax inquiry by a Democrat-activist Washington DC District Court Judge who has granted American Oversight the right to seek documents relevant to the Ukraine Quid Pro Quo scam investigation.
Turn to the following page to learn about this newest attempt to thwart the will of the American people and the Left’s unceasing panic over the anticipated outcome of the Barr-Durham investigation into the criminality of the Obama administration.
When Barack Hussein Obama and his wife announced that they had penned a contract with Netflix in the tens of millions of dollars, no one batted an eye when they claimed that the new production company would be helping young people to become more active in their communities. It was already a given that this was code on the part of the ex-president that telegraphed to his millions of minions in The Resistance that the war was begun and the Obama-Netflix Deal of Darkness was about to launch the next in a series of salvos against the Trump administration and the American people who voted for him.
In close proximity was his old pal, George Soros, and his hundreds of organizations and fly-by-night institutes and think tanks that were built with one template in mind: overturn the 2016 election results. They went to work on the next installment of their plan by hiring dozens of lawyers and ex-Obama officials to staff up the legal research arm of The Resistance known as American Oversight.

The Barr-Durham investigation has really picked up steam as of late, and that has sent these lawyers into overdrive, stumbling over each other in a terrible disarray, filing motions and attempting to pry more State Department documents from the federal authorities in order to drive down the popularity numbers of the president. Their main goal of destroying President Trump based on these actions is just par for the course. The real objective in overturning the 2016 election is to stop the Barr-Durham report from ever seeing the light of day.
A federal judge on Wednesday ordered the U.S. State Department to begin releasing documents within 30 days related to President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine to a watchdog group founded by former Obama administration officials.
Federal Judge Christopher Cooper from the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia issued the ruling amid the House Democrats impeachment inquiry with Ukraine at the center.
The documents requested by the watchdog are related to claims that Trump tried to coerce Ukraine to investigate former vice president Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, in exchange for aid. Trump and Ukraine have denied the allegation, which triggered the ongoing impeachment inquiry.
It appears that the so-called watchdog group seeking the documents — American Oversight — is helping House Democrats seeking to remove Trump from office.
Austin Evers, the executive director for the organization, described the judge’s ruling to reporters as “a crack in the administration’s stone wall.”
American Oversight is demanding documents similar to the ones pursued by House Democrat impeachment investigators, which the State Department has refused to produce.
In digging a bit deeper, it is more than obvious that American Oversight is an experiment by the Left to begin tearing down the established lines of judicial operations and setting up parameters that only favor those who view Donald Trump as a criminal. This judge, Christopher Cooper, has already agreed with the Obama cronies that Trump is guilty, even going so far as to imply that anything American Oversight requests is of “vital importance to the public.”
Sounds like a slam dunk.
However, with the clock ticking down like a nuclear bomb about to detonate, these many lawyers in American Oversight are being hard-pressed to come up with a viable solution. They need to complete three very important missions, but these people are a crazed pack of rabid hyenas, to be sure, and it really doesn’t matter how outlandish the mission goals are.
One, they must manage to drive down the numbers of the president through the perception that Trump is hiding his criminality. How do you do that? You demand the release of documents from the State Department that bear no weight on the inquiry in the House, but by this demand, you set up a belief in the public that Trump is hiding something. If the impeachment is aided and occurs…mission accomplished.
Two, they must overturn the election results of 2016 by “proving” that Donald Trump is not fit to serve as president. The request for these State Department records are just the beginning of the demands for “transparency.”  This will continue in an effort to stall the president’s policies and the Barr-Durham investigations.  By overturning his presidency, they hope to install Pelosi (finding Vice President Pence as an unwilling or unaware accomplice in the treasonous actions of the president) in the Oval Office.
Three, President Pelosi will immediately tender the resignation of the Attorney General, thereby shutting down Barr-Durham investigation into the origins of the Russia Collusion hoax. She will step down and turn the Resolute Desk over to Hillary Clinton.
Welcome to the White House, Madam President.
There is a bit of a problem, though, as Hillary would want to be the official first woman president. With Pelosi technically claiming that title in this far-out scenario, will the Speaker of the House have to watch very carefully over her shoulder as well?

Source: Breitbart

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