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Democrat Rep. Goes On Record, Says ‘Hearsay Can Be Much Better Evidence Than Direct’

Not even Democrats can believe half of the things they say. There’s no way anybody can be that entrenched in denial. It’s just not possible, which is what makes everything liberals say and do just so pathetic. Check out this nonsense from an Illinois Democrat during the sham impeachment hearings, via Daily Wire:
Democrat Rep. Mike Quigley (IL) faced intense backlash on Wednesday afternoon after claiming during Democrats’ impeachment inquiry hearing that “hearsay” can be “much better evidence than direct” evidence.
Quigley noted “And, if gets to closed primer on hearsay, I think the American public needs to be reminded that countless people have been convicted on hearsay because the courts have routinely allowed and created, needed exceptions to hearsay.

He added, “Hearsay can be much better evidence than direct … and it’s certainly valid in this instance.?  
Democrat Rep. Mike Quigley (IL) on evidence: “Hearsay can be much better evidence than direct … and it’s certainly valid in this instance”

Donald Trump Jr. weighed in…
Can you believe this insanity? “Heresay can be much better evidence than DIRECT EVIDENCE” according to Democrat Mike Quigley. Are you fricken kidding me? 3rd and 4th party info better than hearing it yourself?
If you want to claim that your network is fair and balanced and you only report the facts, then the president of the network shouldn’t be caught on video telling employees to push impeachment stories regarding President Trump. Then again, CNN hasn’t been a reliable news source for a long while now and ratings drive that point home on a regular basis.
James O’Keefe has unveiled what just might be his most jaw-dropping video to date. And CNN can’t be thrilled about it. After all, it exposes their anti-Trump, anti-conservative bias once and for all – and it comes straight from the head honcho.
At this rate, no matter how hard the left tries, it would appear Trump has 2020 all but in the bag. Great for America, bad for the left. But what’s bad in the eyes of the left is usually good for the left – they just can’t see it.
Liberals. SMH.

BREAKING: New leaked video from inside CNN:
President Jeff Zucker tells employees to push “impeachment” and that all of CNN’s stories should be about “moves towards impeachment”
One of CNN’s employees says Zucker has a “personal vendetta against Trump”


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