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FBI Arrests Dem Mayor Dennis Tyler In Indiana Amid Ongoing Corruption Probe

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Another day, another corrupt Dem politician goes down in flames. Do you see a pattern here? Muncie Mayor Dennis Tyler was arrested Monday by FBI agents at his home amid an ongoing corruption probe.
According to reports the fed shave been investigating Tyler and other corrupt local politicians for four years and have enough to make their move.
The charges against Tyler have not been reported as of now, but one crony of Tyler’s plead guilty to multiple charges including money laundering and wire fraud.
From The Star Press: ‘I can confirm an arrest warrant was executed at the home of Mayor Dennis Tyler this morning and he is currently in custody,” Christine Bavender, a spokesperson for the FBI, told The Star Press.
The doors to the mayor’s wing at City Hall, normally open during business hours, were closed about 9 a.m. Monday. A sign that frequently hangs on that door when the offices are closed said, “Out to lunch. Will return shortly.”
A federal investigation of allegations of corruption in and near the Tyler administration has been under way for nearly four years.
The probe apparently began in early 2016 with allegations against Craig Nichols, at that time Tyler’s building commissioner.
Last January, Nichols pleaded guilty to wire fraud and money laundering, and was sentenced to two years in federal prison.
Others charged in the federal corruption probe to date include Nikki Grigsby, the Muncie Sanitary District administrator arrested on bid-rigging allegations in July; Tracy Barton, another MSD official; and local businessmen Jeffrey Burke, Tony Franklin and Rodney Barber.
Bavender referred all other questions concerning Tyler’s arrest to the U.S. Attorney’s office in Indianapolis. Federal authorities reportedly made no other arrests in Muncie on Monday.
A memo filed by federal prosecutors prior to Craig Nichols’ sentencing in January alleged that in the wake of allegations against the building commissioner in 2016, city officials – including Tyler – held meetings at Democratic Headquarters with, among others, the building commissioner’s father, longtime party insider Phil Nichols.

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