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Fmr CIA Dir says: Thank God for ‘Deep State’ helping to impeach Trump

Obama’s hatchet man knows if they don’t get rid of President Trump and fast, he and his co-conspirators are going to rot in prison. What he doesn’t know is if they succeed, it means WAR.
Fmr CIA Dir says: Thank God for ‘Deep State’ helping to impeach Trump
By Sara Carter, November 2, 2019:
John McLaughlin, a former acting CIA Director in an interview with CBS News praised the ‘deep state’ for helping to bring impeachment proceedings on Donald J. Trump.

“Well, you know, thank God for the ‘deep state’,” John McLaughlin responded to a question from CBS reporter.
“With all of the people who knew what was going on here, it took an intelligence officer to step forward and say something about it, which was the trigger that then unleashed everything else,” McLaughlin said.

He went on to praise the intelligence community. “This is the institution within the U.S. government — that with all of its flaws, and it makes mistakes — is institutionally committed to objectivity and telling the truth,” McLaughlin said.
“It is one of the few institutions in Washington that is not in a chain of command that makes or implements policy. Its whole job is to speak the truth — it’s engraved in marble in the lobby,” former acting CIA Director concluded.

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