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Hillary Says 'Zuckerberg Should Pay A Price' For Political Ads On Facebook

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Add Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to the ever growing list of people that Hillary Clinton thinks should pay for her election defeat in 2016.
Clinton, who was the Democrat nominee for president in 2016, appeared at a Q&A for the new Netflix movie “The Great Hack.”
Another in a line of Netflix movies and shows that seeks to delegitimize the election of President Donald Trump.
During the Q&A session the former Secretary of State said that Zuckerberg should “pay a price” for not banning ads for politicians the way Twitter did.
“Mark Zuckerberg should pay a price for what he is doing to our democracy,” Clinton, a former New York Senator, said.
“Part of our problem, those of us who are appalled by this war on truth and this fake news which is truly surrounding us these days, is we’re not very good at combating it.
“It’s hard because you’re up against algorithms, plus all these other powerful forces, it’s really hard,” she said.
“It was an open society that enabled technology to be birthed and now be so dominant in our lives,” she said. “It’s like a bad fairy tale. They are going to kill that golden goose.”
Zuckerberg said he had considered banning ads for politicians but is concerned about the impact that it would have.
“It’s not just about one election, it’s about so many of the choices that we’re facing in society right now,” she said.
“The use of our data to manipulate us, to make money off of us, is really one of the cardinal challenges we face…this is our information, but people seem to forget that they should demand to own it,” she said.
Zuckerberg has been attacked recently for meeting with conservatives and conservative groups to ensure that both Parties have a fair playing field.
And while this is music to the ears of Republicans, Democrats have not been thrilled with the idea of having to play fair.
“I can’t draw any conclusions about closed door meetings, not only with Trump but with Tucker Carlson and with Breitbart and with many others that have been going on at Facebook headquarters,” Clinton said.
“But if I were of a conspiratorial mindset, I might suggest that there seems to be some connection…I don’t understand the mindset that we currently see operating with Zuckerberg,” she said.

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