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Ilhan Omar Endorses Bernie Demands End To Western Imperialism

Ilhan Omar Endorses Bernie Demands End To Western Imperialism

Ilhan Omar demanded an end to ‘Western imperialism’ as she officially endorses Bernie Sanders as Minneapolis crowd screamed”Lock him [Trump] up!”

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ University of Minnesota crowd chanted ‘lock him up’ about President Trump Sunday night, where Minnesota’s antisemitic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar made her official endorsement of the Vermont senator official.
Omar pitched that a ‘mass movement of the working class’ was needed to oust Trump and end ‘Western imperialism.’
She also explained why she decided to back Sanders and not the politically similar Sen. Elizabeth Warren, saying both she and Sanders were D.C. survivors and had an immigrant story.

Wait. What??? 

Omar tried to explain her idiocy:
‘For a long time Bernie was underestimated, his ideals weren’t taken seriously by the establishment because he refused to fall in line, and noone knows what he’s been through then someone like me, surviving in Washington.’ 
‘I am proud to stand by the son of a Jewish refugee who survived genocide,’
Of course, Ilhan Omar was at her hypocrite best when she spewed that last sentence, judging by all the Anti-Semite tropes she’s posted on Twitter.
Sanders remarked that while some people see he and Omar as an ‘odd political couple,’ that’s not the case, referencing that shared immigrant experience.

Survivors? Umm, No!

After spending three decades in Congress and not accomplishing a single thing, except having a heart attack, one could say Bernie Sanders is indeed a survivor.
But Ilhan Omar on the other hand who plays the ‘I’m a survivor card’ 24/7, only survived situations of her own making:

Ilhan Omar’s Revisionist History

The freshman Democrat ‘Clod Squad’ member referenced Trump’s top attack on her – a suggestion that she should go back to Somalia, where she was born, as she contrasted Sanders – a self-proclaimed democratic socialist – with the Republican president.
‘And just as a matter of fact, nobody is going back,’ she told the crowd, as the crowd chanted ‘Lock Him Up’.
Of course, Ilhan Omar left out the part where President Trump said ‘Go back and fix your own country then come back and show us how you did it’.
Sanders thanked the crowd for ‘having Ilhan’s back,’ when Trump was making her a target.
‘Ilhan has stood up to Trump and we will stand with her,’ Sanders said.
Sanders asked the crowd to join him if they were ‘sick and tired of the racism and the Jim Crow-ism and the bigotry’ coming from the current White House.
Bernie, of course, left the part out about the Southern Democrats creating those Jim Crow laws and creating the Ku Klux Klan to enforce their racist laws.

This Is Sure To Make Bernie Win

At other points Bernie gave a shout-out to the ‘Green New Deal!’ and with his spittle flying added ‘This is a president who deserves to be impeached and will be.’
When Sanders came onstage with his wife Jane, he touted his endorsements from Omar, as well as Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib, three-fourths of the so-called ‘Squad.’
The only holdout is Rep. Ayanna Pressley, a Democratic freshman from Massachusetts.

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