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Independent Counsel Whose Investigation Got Clinton Impeached Says ‘No Hope’ for Booting Trump

It’s hard to impeach a president when there is literally zero proof he did anything wrong. But those Democrats, they are persistent. They want Trump out of office because they know their 2020 field is incredibly weak. If 45 has a clear path to the general election, there’s little chance he loses to Warren or Biden or Sanders or, potentially, even Hillary. It’s just not in the cards. Check out the thoughts of Ken Starr. He knows a thing or two about having a president impeached. From Daily Wire:
Former independent counsel Ken Starr, whose criminal investigation of former Democrat President Bill Clinton ended with Clinton’s impeachment, told Fox News on Wednesday after watching Democrats’ impeachment inquiry hearing that there was “no hope for impeachment” and that “no crime was proven today.”
Starr said, “The members were very strong. I think the members overall acquitted themselves extremely well on both sides of the aisle. The quality of the questioning was extremely high for the most part. One key thing, the Republicans not only are rock solid, so that means if this trend continues, there is no hope for impeachment, that’ll do it for the conviction in the Senate.

He added, “And to me, here was something that was very telling: No crime was proven today. There were a lot terms used, extortion and bribery, but no crime. This is very unlike Nixon and unlike Clinton.
Ken Starr: “no hope for impeachment” and “no crime was proven today”

If Shifty Adam Schiff, who is a corrupt politician who fraudulently made up what I said on the “call,” is allowed to release transcripts of the Never Trumpers & others that are & were interviewed, he will change the words that were said to suit the Dems purposes. Republicans…
….should give their own transcripts of the interviews to contrast with Schiff’s manipulated propaganda. House Republicans must have nothing to do with Shifty’s rendition of those interviews. He is a proven liar, leaker & freak who is really the one who should be impeached!
False stories are being reported that a few Republican Senators are saying that President Trump may have done a quid pro quo, but it doesn’t matter, there is nothing wrong with that, it is not an impeachable event. Perhaps so, but read the transcript, there is no quid pro quo!

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