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Irony Alert! Jerry Springer Lectures Trump On Civility

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The smug, sanctimonious nature of the nation’s liberal elite knows no bounds and is often rife with the worst of the worst believing they are better than others.
And the absurdity got even more ridiculous when famed talk show host Jerry Springer decided to lecture President Donald Trump on civility.
In case you forget, or somehow missed the 1990s, Springer is the man who raised the bar on trashy, tabloid talk shows.
His show, aptly named “The Jerry Springer Show,” was famous for women flashing their assets and the dregs of society fighting on stage.
Springer, the former mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio, appeared on MSNBC on Friday and was interviewed by Stephanie Ruhle when he made the comments.
“I used to joke and say that my anger at the president is that he took my show and brought it to the White House,” he said.
“Civility is critical in terms of our norms, and we can’t function as a society unless we have norms of how to behave,” he said.
“You can’t pass enough laws to take care of every human interaction, he said sans any hint of irony at the fact that issues were resolved on his show with fists.

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