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Liberals Triggered After Nationals Catcher Suzuki Dons MAGA Hat At White House Event

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Days after one Washington Nationals player declined his invitation to the White House, another triggered liberal rage.
Star catcher Kurt Suzuki, a native of Hawaii, was called to the stage on Monday to address the crowd, but before speaking he donned a MAGA hate.
The red Make America Great Again hat is associated with the 2016 presidential campaign of President Donald Trump.
And being a player for The Washington Nationals, a city whose fans booed the president when he came to World Series Game 5, it was a brave decision.
“I love you all, the catcher said to cheers from the crowd. “I love you all. Thank you,” he said as he shook the hand of President Trump.
decision was loved on Twitter by conservatives and fans of President Trump, but the president’s detractors were livid.

There goes Kurt Suzuki, holding a MAGA hat and breaking my heart
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Hear that sound?

That’s thousands of keyboard warriors pressing caps lock in preparation for yet another cancel campaign.

Kurt Suzuki doesn’t seem to care tho.
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Does Kurt Suzuki really think the folks that rock this MAGA hat give a shit about people who look like him?

What an embarrassment to his family.
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n.b. kurt suzuki, japanese-american, and sean doolittle, who declined to attend today's white house nats celebration for political reasons, are good friends and in fact formed a battery back for doo's first pitch.

politics is not everything. only the twitterati think it is.
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Trump's reaction as Nationals player Kurt Suzuki pulled out a MAGA hat and shocked everyone is priceless.
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To be clear I have no problem with someone going to the White House. Aside from the doofus who currently occupies the house it is a great privilege to attend. However, throwing on that hat... you get cancelled! Fuck you Kurt Suzuki!
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