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Matt Gaetz Drops Hammer, Demands Prison Time For Liberal Protester Who Assaulted Him

Matt Gaetz just dropped the Hammer on the liberal protestor who assaulted him and is demanding series jail time for his assailant.
In a victim’s impact statement, Gaetz asked the court to hold his assailant to account and send her to jail. Matt wrote,
“I ask the court to sentence the Defendant to some time of incarceration. Constituents deserve to be safe at events hosted by our congressional office.
My staff deserves to be safe. Their families and mine shouldn’t have to worry that while federal officials are doing their jobs, we are at risk of assault.
Risk to everyone – federal officials, citizens and even law enforcement are heightened when an event transitions from a political expression to an assault.
My supporters are just as passionate as my opponents. They have the capability to be violent too. My efforts to ensure ALL participants remain nonviolent are undermined greatly by the Defendant’s actions.
Only incarceration allows me to reinforce to my supporters and opponents alike that Free Speech is welcomed – but assault will not be tolerated.
If the defendant is not subject to some incarceration, then word will be out that a first assault is functionally ‘free.’
This will make my events, my staff and my constituents less safe.”
Amanda Kondrat’yev will be sentenced on Nov. 18. She faces up to a year in prison, a $100,000 fine or five years of probation,
From The Hill:
She admitted to throwing a cup of red liquid at Gaetz while he was leaving a Pensacola restaurant following his “Open Gaetz” event on June 1.
Kondrat’yev was part of a group of protesters outside the event, and she reportedly held a sign that read “Gaetz wipe the blood off your hands, A+ rating NRA, save our kids vote Gaetz out 2020,” referring to the congressman’s rating by the National Rifle Association, Roll Call reported at the time.
Gaetz said after the incident that he was pressing charges out of fear that similar things would happen to him or his staff in the future.

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