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On Behalf Of Master Sgt John Hatley and Sgt Derrick Miller, Please Help

While we are overjoyed at the recent clemency shown Lt Clint Lorance, Major Matt Golsteyn and Navy Seal Chief Gallagher, our hearts remain with those who continue to suffer under President Obama’s ruthless punishment of US soldiers who were wrongly incarcerated for actions taken in the bloody jihadi war against the West. These gross miscarriages of justice must be righted. No man left behind.
Kim Hartley shows off her husband’s military collection
Sgt Derrick Miller and family
17 November 2019
Dear President Trump,
I hope you know how many American hearts you touched and rejuvenated with your recent decision regarding lst Lt Clint Lorance, Major Matt Golsteyn and Navy Seal Chief Gallagher.  Those of us in the military support community were seriously wounded, and angered, by past administrations that prosecuted and convicted our Sons for their defensive actions on battlefields that appeased and protected the very enemy our Warriors were sent to fight and defeat.  To add insult to injury, we will never forget the total abandonment of our American Sons fighting for their lives on a rooftop in Benghazi, and the most horrendous murder of our Sons at Ft Hood, classified as “workplace violence” by a Commander-in-Chief that traded five of the worst terrorists for the traitor Bower Bergdahl.

In our community of Americans who deeply love our country and hold in the highest regard those who defend her, we were stunned and sickened by this despicable treatment of the bravest and most noble among us.  During these dark days, so many of us fought back.  We never abandoned our Sons incarcerated at Leavenworth, no Sir, we kept fighting for them!
And then, the most glorious event took place.  YOU came along, President Trump, and we the people recognized that YOU would right these wrongs and restore respect and love for our Warriors.  For those of us who raise these brave men, your recent honorable and courageous actions to aid and support our Sons, and not the terrorists trying to annihilate Americans, we revere you so very much.  You, President Trump, have restored the honor and respect our military so deserves on the world stage.  I know I speak for so many when I say, “Thank You, With All My Heart.”

Our fight isn’t quite over yet, though.  Master Sgt John Hatley continues to languish in Leavenworth.  John’s record of 19 years of service to this country is impeccable.  He was loved by his men and there are countless testimonials to that fact.  He was granted parole back in 2017, but Francine Blackmon  reversed the Review Board’s decision to release him.  He should have gone home then. The Pentagon sent me a letter this past October stating John was up for parole the end of this year, and then in a real stroke of cruelty, the Review Board this time granted him parole BUT dictated he languish another year before his release.  I beg you President Trump, on behalf of his mother who is ill, please let him go home to be with his family this Christmas.  Please pardon him and let him go home. Please help his mother’s heart and let her have her Son home for Christmas.
Lastly, thanks to YOU, Sgt Derrick Miller is home from his ridiculous stint in Leavenworth.  Derrick is currently continuing to serve his country as the Chairman for the Justice for Warriors Caucus.  Derrick deserves a pardon, Sir.  He never asks anything for himself, he just keeps fighting for his Brothers and  he is trying so hard to get John Hatley home. Derrick is an outstanding American Warrior and he is so deserving of a pardon.  If you have not met him, he is one American you should know.  Five minutes with this articulate Warrior and you will understand that God has great plans for Derrick Miller.
Once again, Thank you, President Trump, for all you have done for our Warriors and our country.
With A Mothers Heart,

Beverly Perlson

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