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Previously arrested illegal alien charged with sexual assault of 11 year old girl

Previously Arrested Illegal Alien Charged With Sexual Assault Of 11-Year-Old Girl

NASHVILLE, TN (Fox News 17) – An undocumented immigrant in Nashville is being held on an ICE detainer after he allegedly sexually assaulted his girlfriend’s 11-year-old daughter.
According to court documents, Samuel Xala Polito, 29, admitted to police after being read his Miranda Rights that he’d entered the young girl’s room at his girlfriend’s home and inappropriately touched her on two separate occasions in September.
Metro police say Polito had been dating the girl’s mother for the last two years.
Polito was charged with two counts of sexual battery of a child younger than 13 years old. He’s being held on an ICE detainer and has a bond of $80,000.
Polito was previously arrested in 2013 for aggravated burglary, but the charges were dismissed. He was also arrested in 2015 for driving without a license and leaving the scene of a crash. Those charges were also dismissed

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