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The Murder of American Mothers and Children in Mexico is an Act of War

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Mexico is run by a mixture of politicians, local strongmen and cartels. The apparent murder of women and children from the LeBaron family by cartel gunmen is a horrifying crime. It’s also a reminder of why we have borders. And why we need them.

This is Mexico. It’s South America. If we don’t want this in America, we need a border wall and we need an end to asylum requests.
We should also stop treating Mexican cartels as if they were merely criminals. These are heavily armed organizations with better weapons and equipment, in some cases, than ISIS. They control sizable swathes of territory and have more power than the military.
Mexico is not in control of its own territory. And that means we’re not in control of it either.
The administration could seize this opportunity to treat these brutal killings as an act of war. And create a security zone inside Mexico controlled by our own military that would prevent illegal migrants from approaching the United States and demanding asylum.
Remember, a wall will not stop asylum requests. And they’re just as big of a problem as illegal border crossers.
A security zone controlled by the military, however, could stop illegal migration completely. Do we want US soldiers in Mexico? Not really. But it beats having cartel members in America. And seeing massacres like these on our own soil.
MS-13 is already carrying out brutal atrocities in this country. Its targets are mostly members of its own community. But it won’t stay that way.

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