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Canadian Government Owned CBC Takes Childish Shot At President Trump By Removing His Scene From Home Alone 2

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Trump Derangement Syndrome is an epidemic we thought was a nationwide issue in America, but we have found that it is even worse than that.
Apparently, the mania in despising the President of the United States extends beyond the border and to our neighbor to the north.
This week the “Home Alone” franchise made its annual appearances on television screens worldwide as it does every Christmas.
And, if you have seen the movies, particularly the first two which are the only good ones, you know that “Home Alone 2: Lost In New York” has a cameo from a very special celebrity.
When he was still a beloved billionaire businessman, President Donald Trump is seen at his Plaza Hotel in New York City, the backdrop for the entire movie.
It is where the main character of the movie, Kevin McAllister, asks Trump where the lobby of the hotel is, unaware of who he is talking to.
The man who would be president responds, “Down the hall and to the left” in a scene that lasts all of 40 seconds.
Sadly, that was 40 seconds too long for the fine people of the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) because it cut the scene from the broadcast,
We kind of get it. The CBC is owned by the Canadian government and President Trump has made a mockery of their blackface loving prime minister.
But to be so petty, so childish, as to cut a scene from a beloved movie and think that no one will notice is remarkable.
It was something that not even American stations did when they aired the movie this season, which surprised us.
The CBC faced backlash, and praise, from viewers for its decision to cut the president’s appearance, but it also brings something else to mind.
It reminds us of what President Trump has actually done in his pursuit to make America great again.
This president chose to step away from his cushy, billionaire, hobnobbing with celebrities lifestyle to fix this nation.
He gave away the Hollywood parties, the movie cameos, the television shows and the fans to do something incredibly tough.
A thankless job that finds people who used to kiss his backside and sing his praises despising him.
Merry Christmas President Trump.

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