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Ocasio-Cortez Wants To Be VP If Sanders Wins the Nomination, And Now Experts Say He Really Could

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New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has big dreams, and not just her dreams of having the government pay for everything.
The 30-year-old representative, who has not even been in Congress for a year, would like to be vice president.
This is a woman who, less than a year ago, did not even know what the three branches of the United States government are.
But now she believes she is qualified to be Vice President of The United States, if it was not for that pesky Constitution and its age requirement.
She was in Las Vegas, Nevada last week campaigning for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders when she said she would love to be his vice president, if he wins the nomination, and in 2020.“It’d be an honor to be vice president,” she said in an interview with Telemundo. But she said later, “I can’t because I’m not old enough.”
She also said in the interview that President Donald Trump is frightened of “strong women,” in particular Latina women.
She also waxed poetic on her start in politics, campaigning for Sen. Sanders in the 2016 Democrat primary against Hillary Clinton.
“Before that, I did community work in education, with the Latino community and with the National Hispanic Institute, but that was my first time organizing for an election. It was an experience that I will never forget,” she said.
“It was an important part of my experience when I decided to run for Congress. I learned that there was another way of doing politics here in the U.S.” she said.
And even though she cannot be vice president, she could find herself with some position in a Sanders administration, and it appears he has a genuine chance of getting the nomination.
In the past several weeks top Democrats have been saying that the Vermont senator has a legit chance at defeating former Vice President Joe Biden.
“It may have been inevitable that eventually you would have two candidates representing each side of the ideological divide in the party.
“A lot of smart people I’ve talked to lately think there’s a very good chance those two end up being Biden and Sanders,” David Brock, a longtime Hillary Clinton ally, said to Politico. “They’ve both proven to be very resilient.”
“I believe people should take him very seriously. He has a very good shot of winning Iowa, a very good shot of winning New Hampshire, and other than Joe Biden, the best shot of winning Nevada,” former Obama advisor Dan Pfeiffer, he said.
“He could build a real head of steam heading into South Carolina and Super Tuesday,” he said to Politico.
Imagine that. Two people fighting for the nomination who would both be older on Day One than former President Ronald Reagan was on his last day as president.

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