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Sweden has expelled Christian woman back to Iran where she faces death penalty

צפייה בתמונה בטוויטר

Swedish independent journalist Peter Imanuelsen raises awareness of Sweden's cruelty towards Christian refugees. 

Sweden has received millions of Muslim immigrants over the past few years, but has consistently deported Christian refugees. 

On a picture of a Christian refugee from Iran, Peter wrote the following: 
"...Meet 19 year old Midia Moloudpoor from Iran.

She fled as a refugee to Sweden because her family wanted her to marry her cousin at age 15.

Her family has threatened to kill her if she returns to Iran. 
Sweden has decided to DEPORT her to Iran..."ה Iran is the world’s biggest jailer of Innocent women including journalists, rape victims, women's rights activities and even artists, singers, dancers, etc. 
There is no freedom for the women of Iran. 

Iran’s regime holds the infamous record of the world’s top executioner per capita. It also ranks first for most number of juvenile executions in the world. Women are also victims of the death penalty in Iran, with at least nine women having been executed since mi-June alone.

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