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Trump Goes After Newsom, Pelosi, Threatens To Send Feds To California To Take Care Of Homeless Crisis

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California and its liberal governor, attorney general and state legislature have done everything in their power to be a thorn in the side of President Donald Trump.
But what they should realize is that the President of The United States has tons more power than state authorities and this one is not afraid of using it.
The homeless crisis in California is out of control and only appears to be getting worse as time goes on and now the president is threatening to take action.
On Wednesday, Christmas Day, the president continued to have his mind on work and making life better for Americans.
And to that end he told California Gov. Gavin Newsom that if he does not fix his state’s homeless crisis then the feds will.
“Governor Gavin N has done a really bad job on taking care of the homeless population in California. If he can’t fix the problem, the Federal Govt. will get involved!” he said.
He also took a stab at House Speaker and California Rep. Nancy Pelosi in another tweet on the issue of her state’s homeless crisis.
“Nancy Pelosi’s District in California has rapidly become one of the worst anywhere in the U.S. when it come [sic] to the homeless & crime. It has gotten so bad, so fast – she has lost total control and, along with her equally incompetent governor, Gavin Newsom, it is a very sad sight!,” he said.
The president’s tweet on the matter came in response to a tweet by Fox News personality Tomi Lahren.
“Take accountability, Gavin. This is your state and you and your democratic cohorts created this mess. You can’t blame @realDonaldTrump forever. Step away from the hair gel and get to work!!!” she said.
Lahren was responding to a speech by Gov. Newsom in which he had the nerve to blame President Trump for his state’s homelessness issue.
“You have a new director on the Interagency Council on Homelessness in the United States, appointed by Donald Trump that says housing (ranks) fourth.
“They’re not serious about this issue, they’re playing politics with it. Expect nothing but mishigas … expected nothing but division coming and emanating from the folks at HUD and the Trump Administration.
“And if they want to surprise me, we would celebrate that and they would be applauded and embraced. … And I would love to be surprised,” he said.
Blaming President Trump for an issue that existed long before he became president. A typical liberal tactic.

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