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Liberals Revolt Against Joy Behar, Call Her A Racist For Stunt She Pulled On Whoopi Goldberg On The View

Joy Behar just learned the hard way that liberals are a disloyal lot by nature. Feckless and spoiled they go about arrogantly looking down on the rest of us for the same stuff they do.
They literally are the people in glass houses throwing massive stones. They have taken this country for a ride with their political correct scam that led directly to the cancel culture they practice now with such ignorance and vigor.
Well, for Joy Behar the honeymoon is over and she can expect more backlash for this cheap stunt that backfired with her crowd.
The View co-host Joy Behar came under fire after comments she made about co-host Whoopi Goldberg’s hair.
Her comments occurred during a Wednesday episode of the show when Sir Patrick Stewart came on to invite Goldberg to be part of the new Star Trek series. “I just said to him, ‘does she have to take the hair thing off?’” Behar said as she grabbed Goldberg’s dreadlocks. She then quoted Stewart, saying, “She can do whatever she wants.” The comments elicited awkward laughter from the other hosts but brought condemnation online, with some calling the remark “racist.”
“Not enough ppl are talking about how Joy Behar spoke about then touched Whoopi’s hair on The View,” Jamaican American activist Leslie Mac tweeted on Thursday. “I keep replaying it in my mind & how casually this act was carried out on live TV. I’m sure Whoopi doesn’t give a shit and they homegirls or whatever. I still hate to see it.”
Mac went on to call Behar’s action “f—ing ridiculous” and “disgusting.” Filmmaker Jeremiah Warren said the host was “lucky to still have her whole hand” after grabbing Goldberg’s hair.
Joy Behar is lucky to still have her whole hand. 

Joy Behar is grabbing a lock of Whoopi Goldberg's hair.


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