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An America first election is needed fully to restore the union

The state of the Union was on full display last night in the U.S. House of Representatives. On the one hand, the President masterfully made the case that the United States is strong today economically, militarily and in terms of our energy security and preeminence internationally.
Yet, the Union is afflicted by the deep antipathy towards Mr. Trump and his America First policies evident in the repeated refusal by Nancy Pelosi and her caucus to applaud good news about our country. The extent of their Trump Derangement Syndrome was captured as the Speaker peevishly tore up the President’s speech.
Despite such partisan rejectionism, we are indisputably stronger as a nation. But not as much as we need to be in this dangerous world. It will likely take an election that rejects the Left and its anti-American agenda fully to restore our Union.

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