Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry’s tweet emphasized that while thankfully no one was hurt, “the hate is toxic and dangerous.”
A clearly emotional chairman of the Duval County Republican Party also condemned the van attack on volunteers during a press conference Monday.
“We are outraged. This is not who we are. This is un-American," Dean Black said. “We are thankful that no one was injured; no one was killed.”
Jacksonville attorney Rhonda Peoples-Waters said there is a small likelihood the incident could be reviewed for a potential hate crime element.
“But I suspect him saying I do not like Donald Trump is gonna be used as part of his confession to push harder to have these charges brought against him,” Peoples-Waters said.
She said there could be serious charges that are hard to defend because of the video evidence.
“It does not look good for him,” she said. “And it’s gonna be a hard case to put up a defense. Maybe the claim of mental instability could be an issue.”
Donald Trump Jr. tweeted about the incident Tuesday and accused the media of not paying attention to “growing leftist violence.”