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Bloomberg uses Romney’s impeachment vote speech to bash Trump in new ad

Media praising Mitt Romney amid impeachment conviction vote

Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is capitalizing on the vote by Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah., last week to convict and remove President Trump on the "abuse of power" article of impeachment.
Bloomberg’s latest digital ad features a mashup of clips of Romney speaking on the Senate floor explaining his cross-party vote to convict the president, including Romney's assertion that Trump's Ukraine dealings were corrupted with "personal and political" motives.
"The president was wrong. Vote him out," the advertisement concludes.
A Bloomberg campaign aide tells Fox News the goal of the ad is to target moderate voters in key November battleground states including Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. The 30-second spot will air on Facebook, YouTube, and Google in at least nine different states.
While Romney continues to face harsh criticism from Trump and his GOP colleagues, Democrats are literally applauding him. At Friday’s Democratic debate, the audience gave a standing ovation when Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., said Romney’s vote to convict the president took “courage."
In a statement on the Senate acquittal vote, Bloomberg slammed Romney's GOP colleagues, saying, “I have no doubt that historians will ultimately convict this president, along with the Republicans who lack the courage to do it themselves.”
Bloomberg's latest ad is part of his record-breaking spending spree, which according to Ad Analytics has topped $300 million. Last week, Bloomberg authorized his advisors to double his television ad spending following the muddled results out of the Iowa caucuses.
At a campaign event last night in Oklahoma City, Bloomberg joked about his ad spending when he asked attendees if they’ve heard his campaign slogan.
"If you haven’t heard it, we spend enough money on ads, I don’t know why," Bloomberg said

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