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Carville on Prospect of Far-Left Dem Winning Nomination — ‘I’m Not Interested in Being in a Cult'

During Monday’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, Democratic strategist James Carville voiced his concern with the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, saying he does not want to see the section of the Democratic Party that wants to be a “cult” win.
Carville cautioned that the “only thing” between the United States and the abyss is the Democratic Party, adding he is “scared to death” of the country going the way of the British Labour Party if there are four more years of President Donald Trump.

“I’m afraid that Donald Trump is going to get reelected and I have to do this four more years, and I don’t think we can make it. I really don’t,” Carville stated. “The country can’t continue like this. And it has to have an alternative.”

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Carville then took a shot at the candidates from the far-left wing of the party, like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), saying he is “not interested in being in a cult.”
“No one seems — there’s a certain part of the Democratic Party that wants us to be a cult,” he explained. “I’m not interested in being in a cult. I’m 75 years old. I’m just not — I’m not a very culty person. But I agree with you — that you’ve got to be able to show people what you’re going to do. And, you know, so far, we’ll see.”

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