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DOJ Employees Donated To Hillary’ Clinton’s Campaign Over Trump’s By 20-to-1 Ratio

Political contributions are public and the employees of the Department of Justice must be aware which makes the recent report about political contributions so troubling.
They know this stuff will come out and they don’t care. According to a very telling new report compiled using public records from Opensecrets, DOJ employees favored Hillary to Trump in massive numbers.
$438k was given to Hillary from known DOJ employees compared to just $23k for Trump
Stunning numbers that may be skewed somewhat as Obama was in charge of the DOJ for eight years and certainly stacked the department with his guys.
Which is as it should be, but it does put all the media hysteria about Trump putting his guys in place in a brand new light.
Justice Department employees overwhelmingly contribute to Democrats, a trend that has become even more lopsided since Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration, according to a campaign finance research organization.
In the 2016 election cycle, Justice employees gave $438,077 to Hillary Clinton’s Democratic presidential campaign, nearly 20 times the $23,874 they gave to Republican Donald Trump, according to, an arm of the Center for Responsive Politics that crunched the numbers based on Federal Election Commission reports.
Overall, Justice workers gave $819,454 to Democrats and $126,929 to Republicans in that cycle. And in the 2018 midterm-election cycle, Justice employees donated $474,690 to Democrats and $126,902 to Republicans…
…The Justice Department currently has 113,000 employees and the campaign-donation numbers show the department’s employees have grown more partisan Democratic in recent years.
During the Obama years, the share of Justice workers’ money going to Democrats shot up from 63% in 2010 to 87% in 2016.
In contrast, during the 2000 election cycle, a presidential year that saw George W. Bush win the White House, Justice employees gave more to Republican candidates, about $470,000 to $218,000.

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