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Drunkblogging the Debut Dem Debate with Mini Mike

Ever since Mike Bloomberg and his $60 billion decided to take squatters rights on the Democratic presidential primary season, he's been the Voldemort of the campaign.

He Who Shall Not Be Named

Over the last few debates, the contenders have engaged in the occasional hissy fit at one another, but none of the serious contenders had yet to draw any serious blood.
But tonight, stuff gets real.

Bloomberg has been buying up all the ground game talent, all the consultants, all the analysts, and all the pollsters. And all at pay rates that not even Tom Steyer can afford to match. What Bloomberg hasn't been able to buy is a single vote -- at least not yet -- having gotten in late and decided to skip the four initial contests before Super Tuesday on March 3.
Tonight and next week's debates might be the only chance the other contenders have to draw blood on Voldemort before the noise from Mayor Mike's Madcap Money Machine drowns them all out.

From where I sit, the nomination still looks like Bernie's to lose, and so far he's taken a pulled-punches approach to personal attacks on his fellow Democrats. But Bloomberg has been going after him on the airwaves, and the Sanders camp can't afford to respond in kind. If Sanders is going to knock Mike off his box, he'll have to do it in person.
In other words: It's not business; it's personal.

So let's hope tonight is when the long knives come out.
For whom, you ask?

For everybody.

If we're lucky.

The drunkblog starts...


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