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Police Stand By While Conservative Reporter Assaulted by Antifa

Antifa members at a similar protest in New York City in November 2019 express the same sentiment as in Seattle (Photo: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

Police stood by and watched while a conservative reporter was assaulted by Antifa members at a Seattle protest, reported The Blaze.
Elijah Schaffer, a BlazeTV contributor and host of the show “Slightly Offens*ve,” was roughed up as he tried to prevent an Antifa member from grabbing the camera of one of his producers.
Video footage shows police standing by without intervening.
Schaffer was covering the demonstration by a group called The Three Percenters, who met at City Hall for a demonstration for which they had a permit. Antifa members – dressed in black with masks on their faces – tried to take over The Three Percenters’ space with a counter-demonstration, but were moved across the street. Another Left-wing group was also present and counter-demonstrating.
Schaffer was able to record the incident and the ensuing verbal abuse he faced by Antifa members. In addition, Andy Ngo, another conservative journalist who has been subjected to severe violence at the hands of Antifa in the past, recorded other incidents from the scene.
“Peaceful” Antifa protestors attempted to steal one of my Producer’s cameras in Seattle

I intervened & was then forcefully assaulted in the head by another Antifa member

They then surrounded, cursed at, & harassed me for simply trying to protect my property & keep the peace
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Below Ngo documents  Antifa members kicking a police car:
More footage from Schaffer shows Antifa members holding weapons while one is arrested:
And then there were the assault-style weapons that were open-carried by another group of Left-wing protesters at the demonstration:
Unlike left wing protestors in other major liberal cities

Protestors in Seattle open carry assault style weapons in public

They are a part of a gun club that claims to stand against white supremacy

I’m curious as to what leftists think of gun wielding progressive activists?
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