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Radical Imam Siraj Wahhaj in Arizona to Give Sermon to Kids

Muslim reformer and Navy veteran Dr. Zuhdi Jasser was on the frontlines this week calling public attention to radical imam Siraj Wahhaj, Sr.
Wahhaj was scheduled to make an appearance this weekend at the Arizona Muslim Alliance’s (AMA) first annual “Celebrate Unity Leadership Summit,” including giving a sermon to children.
Today’s guest Imam ⁦@SirajWahhaj brought in for “interfaith unity” training by Arizona Muslim Alliance of local mosques ⁩ once said,

“I swear by God, I swear by God, the American government is controlled by Shaitan (the devil)…no doubt about it” 
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Siraj Wahhaj is a radical Islamist, the person who activist Linda Sarsour calls her  “mentor, motivator and encourager.”
In 2018, Clarion Project helped break the story of a New Mexico jihadi compound run by Siraj Wahhaj’s son, Siraj Wahhaj, Jr. Two daughters of Wahhaj, Sr. were also with the group at the compound.
Leaders of the off-grid compound where women and children lived in abysmal, beyond third-world conditions, were also training the children to be school shooters.
After authorities raided the compound and conducted a search (which netted multiple weapons), they discovered the remains of Siraj Wahhaj, Sr.’s grandson, a three-year-old disabled boy who was kidnapped by his father, Wahhaj, Jr.
The boy was denied his medications and instead an exorcism was performed on him. Wahhaj, Jr. believed the invasive cult-like ritual would cure the boy of his disability. The boy died during one of the rituals. His remains were found on the premises by law enforcement authorities on what would have been his fourth birthday.
Presenting himself as an imam, Siraj Wahhaj, Sr. is a firebrand community leader often headlining on speaking tours at Islamist organizations.
Dear @SirajWahhaj -
As a mom to a child w/ a disability, there isn’t a hole in hell deep enough. Let no one forget your 3 y/o grandson was ritually killed in an exorcism initiated by your own son...because the child had a disability. A DISABILITY. @DrZuhdiJasser 
My new article asks the heart-wrenching question:

If the FBI acted, would the 3-year old disabled boy have been saved from the Islamist extremist compound?

A stunning breakdown of all the delays and errors that will make your jaw drop. 
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Despite this grim history, Siraj Wahhaj is in Arizona this weekend giving a sermon to children.
Ryan Mauro, director of Clarion’s Intelligence Network (CIN) and a Shillman Fellow, says supporting reformist Muslims against the ideology Siraj Wahhaj represents is critical to winning against Islamist extremism:
“This could be a decisive moment in the ideological war against Islamism. Muslims are challenging the leadership of the horribly radical Siraj Wahhaj. The media will either cover it and contribute toward victory, or ignore it and facilitate Islamism’s bigotry, hate, anti-Americanism and terrorism.”
Shireen Qudosi, Clarion Project’s national correspondent, agrees with Mauro, adding that as more and more Muslims hold a civic interest in politics, it’s critical to delineate between Islamists and non-Islamist Muslims.
Siraj Wahhaj has gone on record saying, ‘You don’t get into politics because it’s the American thing to do. You get involved in politics because politics can be a weapon to use in the cause of Islam.’ While this is the attitude of Islamist Muslims like CAIR, this is not the attitude of Muslims at large.
“In an age of deep suspicion toward Muslims, it’s very important for the public to be made aware that not all Muslims support the Islamist agenda. Not all Muslims are Islamists.
“As I spoke with some Muslims over the weekend on exactly the issue of why some are interested in learning to lobby in Washington, they told me that as they get older, marry and have children, they don’t want the Islamist voice to be the only representation of Muslims in the political arena.
“While there was increase in Islamists vying for public office after the 2016 presidential election, there’s another wave of non-Islamist Muslims embracing politics because of the Islamist wave in office.”
See a list of Siraj Wahhaj’s most offensive quotes. Below is Clarion’s infographic on Siraj Wahhaj:

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