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Rashida Tlaib Tweets Blood Libel Against Israeli Jews

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib retweeted a false blood libel against Israeli Jews (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

U.S. Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib tweeted an anti-Semitic blood libel accusing Israeli of executing a Palestinian boy.
The accusation was false but Tlaib offered no retraction to her almost 900,000 Twitter followers.
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Tlaib retweeted an unsubstantiated claim by a virulently anti-Semitic Palestinian politician who has a history of promoting conspiracy theories against Jews and Israels.
The original post a Twitter account called “Real Seif Bitar”read: “KIDNAPPED & EXECUTED 7 year old #Palestinian child Qusai was kidnapped by a Herd of violent #Israeli settlers, assaulted & thrown in a water well was found this morning frozen to death in Beit Hanina, #Jerusalem after #Israeli forces assaulted search teams.”
Politician Hanan Ashrawi promoted the post, adding, “The heart just shatters, the pain is unbearable, no words.” Tlaib retweeted Ashrawi’s comments and the made-up blood libel as fact.
The boy, who apparently drowned by accident, was later found by Israeli emergency services (who did not assault Palestinian search teams).
The boy’s family originally claimed he was kidnapped but later reversed that claim, according to the Israeli daily, Haaretz.
Ashrawi later tweeted a halfhearted “apology.”
My apologies for retweeting something that’s not fully verified. It seems that the news of his being kidnapped is not certain.
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However, after deleting her initial retweet of Ashrawi’s accusations, Tlaib issued no apology or retraction.
There has similarly been no word against Tlaib’s actions in Congress, as noted by the following commentator:
Wtf? Congresswomen @RashidaTlaib just retweeted a false blood libel against the Jewish people. @TheDemocrats @GOP what is going on in Congress? There must be consequences for anti-Semitism in our nation’s highest governmental body.
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Incidents of anti-Semitism are reaching unprecedented levels in the U.S. It is precisely this kind of behavior that egged them on.

That it is coming from the halls of Congress … there are simply no words

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