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Republican Muslim Refugee Challenges Ilhan Omar For Seat In Congress

republican muslim challenges ilhan omar
Dalia Al-Aqidi is challenging Ilhan Omar for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional seat in the 2020 election.
Al-Aqidi, like Omar, is a former refugee. Al-Aqidi is from Iraq, while Omar is from Somalia. Also like Omar, Al-Aqidi is muslim and proud of her faith.
According to Fox News, Al-Aqidi has 31 years of experience as a journalist, including as a White House correspondent for Alhurra, a U.S.-based Arabic channel that airs in the Middle East.
Al-Aqidi says she’s running for Congress to stop Ilhan Omar. Al-Aqidi told Fox News “She needs to be stopped,” and “I truly believe that I’m strong enough to beat her at her own game.”
Al-Aqidi launched her first campaign video and made an announcement on Facebook:
I’m Dalia al-Aqidi and I’m running for Congress because we’re not as divided as Ilhan Omar and the far-left would have us believe. I’m running to bring us closer together.
I’ve seen up close the consequences of what radical Ilhan Omar is doing. Conflict. Division. Oppression. I escaped that world once, and I won’t let it happen here. JOIN THE MOVEMENT >>
Watch video below:
republican muslim challenges ilhan omar

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