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Steve Hilton signs 'Articles of Incompetence' against Dems, Pelosi: 'I can send you the pen'

Steve Hilton responded to President Trump's historic acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial by proposing what he called "articles of incompetence" against Democrats including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday.
"The Senate may have voted down those articles of impeachment last week, but that is not the end of the story," Hilton said in his opening monologue on "The Next Revolution."
"First up, ladies and gentlemen, let me present new articles to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Here they are: the Articles of Incompetence."
Presenting a document that read "Articles of Incompetence," Hilton began with the first article, touting the latest Gallup poll which indicated the highest approval rating President Trump has achieved since he took office.
"Article One: Everything you do to try to hurt the president you hate blows up in your face."
"Just as the Senate shut down your impeachment farce, President Trump's approval rating hit a record high and it is obvious why," Hilton said, speaking directly to the California Democrat.
"While you spent the last three years working to reverse the will of the American people, the president spent the last three years working to help the American people. The results are piling up: China trade deal, USMCA, tax cut 2.0 and another strong jobs report on Friday. More Americans working, earnings rising."
Next, Hilton mocked Pelosi and her party for last week's debacle at the Iowa caucuses, a process marred by delays and allegations of impropriety.
"Second Article of Incompetence... this calls for a classic British expression: 'At this point, you people couldn't organize a p---up in a brewery,'" he continued.
Moving onto the third article, Hilton pointed to the now-viral clip of the House speaker ripping up Trump's State of the Union address, calling it an "embarrassing, petulant stunt."
"Article Three: You can't control your temper," the host continued. "For three years we put up with your endless lectures about civility and upholding democratic norms... and then, at the State of the Union, you put on this embarrassing, petulant stunt."
In his fourth and final "incompetence article," Hilton slammed presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., whom he called a climate change "alarmist," after she was seen hiding behind a staffer as she disembarked a private jet.
"Article Four: Even when they are trying to deceive the voters, the Democrats are incompetent," Hilton went on. "Elizabeth Warren never stops raising the alarm about climate change and raging about the billionaires. Put those things together and what do you get? Private jets. These lefties are so incompetent they can't even cover up their own hypocrisy."
"So," Hilton concluded, "today, on behalf of a nation crying with laughter of the Democrats, [it is] with great sadness, and of course, prayerfulness, [that] I sign these four articles of incompetence."
Signing the document on-air, Hilton took one final jab at Pelosi.
"Nancy, I could send you this pen if you'd like."

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