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The Muslim Democratic Club of New York Endorses Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

The Muslim Democratic Club of New York (MDCNY) recently endorsed Bernie Sanders for President of the United States.
MDCNY is proud to endorse social justice champion Bernie Sanders for U.S. President
MDCNY believes that Bernie will “maintain their values”. In an email sent out by MDCNY, they state:
We know they will maintain the values we want our party to reflect and move us towards progress on some of the most pressing issues of our time.
In a Facebook post MDCNY wrote:
#BREAKING: In this presidential election, we need a moral voice and champion of the working class in the White House. ‬We demand:

✅Justice for All
✅Medicare for all
✅Cancellation of Student debt
✅Green New Deal

One person will do that & fight for all of us— we proudly endorse Bernie Sanders for President!

MDCNY’s endorsement should not come as a surprise, as they are not first muslim organization to endorse Bernie, nor will they be the last. The Muslim Caucus of America Endorsed Bernie Sanders two weeks ago. And it’s important to note, almost all of the muslim candidates who have ran for office since 2016, support Sanders. Sanders overwhelmingly has the muslim vote.

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