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Tim Allen Uses Show ‘Last Man Standing’ to Explain the Beauty of Capitalism to Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders

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Actor Tim Allen used his hit sitcom, Last Man Standing to humorously school Democrat presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren about the dangers of socialism and how capitalism is the “recipe for economic success.”
In the episode, “Baked Sale,” Allen’s Mike Baxter teaches foreign exchange student Jen (Krista Marie Yu) about the wonders of capitalism as the teenager begins running a bake sale to benefit her school geology club. In the series, Baxter is the boss of Outdoor Man, an outdoor supplies store. Allen closes each episode of the Fox show with a video blog (vlog) for his store. In this week’s vlog, Baxter takes a swipe at Sanders and Warren by name, slamming them for their attacks on capitalism.
“Hey, Mike Baxter, for Outdoor Man to talk about one of my favorite passions. No, no, no, not gutting a deer while listening to the Lovin’ Spoonful. I’m talking about capitalism,” Baxter starts out on his vlog. “Now, old Bernie and young Elizabeth tell the folks capitalists are coldhearted, money-grubbing vultures. When you put it that way, you make it sound like a bad thing. But we’re also human beings with a conscience. Conscience. You remember those?”
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Baxter winds up his lesson on capitalism with a few more amusing jabs but adds a serious message.
“I mean, sure, paying your workers with baseball cards and bubble gum would increase profits, but it’s wrong! Listen, a good boss should know how to make a buck and still be a human being,” Baxter said.
“You see, capitalism, it’s just a recipe for economic success, and it doesn’t taste quite right until you sprinkle in a little morality,” the star said. “That’s why, here at Outdoor Man, we provide benefits for our part-timers, paid medical leave and all-you-can-eat chili at the Annual Meat Summit. Which sadly leads to a lot of paid medical leave. Happy employees make good employees, and that’s good business. Baxter out.”
Last Man Standing continues to earn top ratings for Fox Television after being booted from ABC in 2017. Fox picked up the canceled series and continued it in a rare example of a series jumping from one network to another.

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