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Watch: Bloomberg says he wants to ban guns Holding More Than 3 Rounds.

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From 1994-2004 we had an assault weapon ban and guess what it did, absolutely nothing. The National Institute of Justice stated, “There has been no discernible reduction in the lethality and injuriousness of gun violence”. There were 16 Mass shootings while the assault weapon ban was in effect. For crying out loud, the Columbine High School Massacre happened during the assault weapons ban. (Related: AP sources: Boston agrees to trade Betts, Price to Dodgers) The law wasn’t flawed, it was pointless. We have over 20 million AR-15s in this country! Do you think you’re going to make 20 million guns disappear just because you passed a law? Not to mention AR15’s, which are not Assault weapons, make up less than 1% of gun deaths in this country. The law did nothing then and it will do nothing now. A blind monkey can see that. The man who has dedicated his life and campaign to ban "assault weapons", spent millions on organizations to ban "assault weapons", Spent millions on politicians to ban “assault weapons”, spent millions on advertisements to ban “assault weapons”, spent millions on biased research and polls to ban “assault weapons”, but when asked to define what an “assault weapon” is he says, “Anything that you can shoot really quickly”. What does that even mean? That’s like calling any car that you can drive really quickly an assault vehicle. 10 million dollars spent on one anti-gun ad and this lunatic can’t even define what it is he wants to ban, this is insane. What Michael Bloomberg just told every American is that if you can’t stop someone from killing you with three rounds, you deserve to die. This, on national television the man who is running to be the president of the United States of America. The same country that shot at a King because in part tried to take our guns. The same country that when enumerating the most important rights a human being can have listed the right to bear arms as NUMBER 2. This self-righteous, power-hungry, megalomaniac, basically said, that if you can’t stop someone from trying to kill you with three rounds, you deserve to die. Are you kidding me! This man has armed security everywhere he goes but he’s telling you and me that having a gun to fight off a criminal is stupid. He not only doesn’t believe in firearm ownership; he doesn’t believe in self-defense. He does for himself, but you, the little peon citizen, oh no, you don’t get self-defense because that’s stupid, why would want to stop someone from killing you. Keep in mind he didn’t refute the fact that criminals would still have guns, he just said that you’re more likely to shoot someone else with it. He thinks everyone but he and his elite friends are stupid and need to be saved from themselves. Yet he walks around with personal armed security. This is hypocrisy on a level never before seen by man.
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This is who Bloomberg really is. He lives in a billionaire bubble where no one questions him, no one challenges any of his ideas, and he has so much money he can get a lot of people to do and say whatever he wants. None of these questions were out of line or outrageous. They were normal thought-provoking questions about an incredibly important issue and the mere fact that his idea on the issue was challenged just a little bit enraged him to the point that he couldn’t do anything but call the ideas stupid.

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