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Alyssa Milano Throws Temper Tantrum, Calls Trump A “Racist Piece of Sh*t”

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Do you want to know why Democrats keep losing key elections and why the media has little credibility left?
In this incredible time in America, they are literally playing politically correct politics rather than focus on solutions.
Exhibit A is Alyssa Milano who is just called Trump a “racist piece of sh*t” for calling it the China virus.
Look, for the last few months everyone – CNN and MSNBC, etc were calling it the China virus or the Wuhan virus because that was what it was known as.
It started there and that was how people knew it. But now to call it the China virus is racist? That is why Dems keep losing – who cares what we call it right now?
People know it as the China virus so we use that so people know what we are talking about – if we start calling it COVID-19 people will get confused – is that the same as the China virus they will ask.
History will determine the name and we will all be gone but while we are here can we at least drop the politically correct BS until this crisis is over?
Actress Alyssa Milano joined the chorus of mainstream media reporters accusing President Donald Trump of using racist language by repeating the term “Chinese virus,” while ignoring the members of the establishment media used the terms “Chinese” or “Wuhan” coronavirus.
In a tweet on Wednesday, the Charmed actress and left-wing activist demanded that President Trump stop using the term. She also called the president a “racist piece of shit.”
But the Hollywood actress omitted the fact that numerous media outlets have used terms like “Chinese coronavirus” and “Chinese virus” in their own coverage.
Reporters have used recent White House press briefings on the coronavirus to suggest that President Trump’s use of term “Chinese virus” is racist.
But the president has pushed back, saying that the term is accurate because the coronavirus originated in China. “Because it comes from China. It’s not racist at all, no, not at all. It comes from China, that’s why I want to be accurate,” Trump said on Wednesday.

Stop calling it the “Chinese Virus,” you racist piece of shit. 
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