Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez read her entire 14-page signature Green New Deal on the House floor because she said Republicans don't seem to understand it, based on their "wild claims."
The New York Democrat took to the floor Wednesday afternoon, sounding the alarm on climate change and taking aim at those who seek to demonize her vast government solution.
"I have noticed that there's been an awful lot of misinformation about what is inside this resolution," Ocasio-Cortez said from the well of the House chamber. "A tremendous amount of wild claims -- everything from saying we're seeking to ban airplanes to ending ice cream.
"As a consequence, I realized that many of my colleagues have never even read the resolution that they're speaking on. They haven't opened a single word of it," Ocasio-Cortez said.
The 30-year-old congresswoman said she decided to read the measure into the congressional record as a rebuke to "some of my colleagues across the aisle."
She gave a dramatic reading of the resolution that calls for a drastic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, creating millions of jobs and rebuilding U.S. infrastructure by launching a 10-year mobilization phase to spur the transition to clean energy. The ultimate goal is net-zero global emissions by 2050.
While the non-binding resolution doesn't dive into specifics or outline costs, one study suggested the type of investment needed to achieve the goals -- including $36 trillion for universal healthcare -- would be pegged at $93 trillion in the first 10 years.
"Why this is so controversial?" Ocasio-Cortez said at the end of her 20-minute speech, urging her colleagues to join the fight.
"So, please, as a moral, economic and political prerogative, I humbly ask our country to care for our planet," she said.