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Biden Makes Another Cringeworthy Gaffe, Trump Responds With Viral Tweet

Joe Biden has done it again.
He has managed to make a gaffe even more shocking than most of his other ones. This one was particularly cringe, because he stops himself mid-sentence as he realizes the mental breakdown that was occurring.

"Because we cannot get re-elect, we cannot win this re-election, excuse me. We can only re-elect Donald Trump,” Biden told his supporters.
Here's his gaffe in all it's glory:
In response, Trump responded with a hilarious tweet that went viral, getting over 142k likes in less than 12 hours:
"I agree with Joe!", Trump simply stated.
Trump and his fellow Conservatives aren't the only ones to notice Biden's mental state dwindling by the day.
Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks and Kyle Kulinski are both huge Bernie supporters and even THEY are realizing that the Democrats are screwed with Biden as the nominee:
They are starting to see the writing on the wall, and they are panicking like hell.
Only time will tell when Biden's full mental collapse will be complete, but the day is rapidly approaching.
What is your response to Biden's latest gaffe? Comment below.

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