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Jeffrey Wright: ‘The Most Dangerous Useless Panicky B*tch’ Is Leading America Amid Coronavirus

Left-wing actor and and Dell Technologies pitchman Jeffrey Wright unleashed his latest unhinged screed against President Donald Trump and his supports, calling the president a “dangerous useless panicky bitch.”
On-point read. 3yrs ago! If u wanted the most dangerous useless panicky bitch during Ebola to lead the US thru coronavirus, @realDonaldTrump is it,” the No Time to Die actor said, referencing a 2014 tweet Donald Trump sent in which he said the Obama administration should bar Ebola-infected people from entering the county.
“Big platform. Loud. Relentlessly ignorant. Wrong on EVERYTHING Ebola. NONE of his ‘ideas’ undertaken. No Americans died. See us now,” Jeffrey Wright continued.
Sad to think @realDonaldTrump’s obvious limp weakness during Ebola could be perceived as strength by the Great White Dope crowd. No good for them now. No good for anyone. Pathetic,” the actor said in a separate tweet. 
Wright latched onto comments from Trump made nearly a year before he announced his presidential candidacy. As president, Trump’s handling of the spread of Coronavirus has been praised by Dr. Marc Siegel, professor of medicine at New York University, and California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D).

Wright is just the latest member of the Hollywood left spreading fear and fake news about the Coronavirus to hurt Trump. Earlier this month, Breitbart News catalogued at least 15 leftist celebrities spreading lies to their millions of followers on social media about the deadly virus.

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