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Job Creators Network Survey: More than 70 Percent of Small Business Owners Would Re-Elect Trump over

CHARLESTON, WV - MAY 05: Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump shos off a hard hat during hie rally at the Charleston Civic Center on May 5, 2016 in Charleston, West Virginia. Trump became the Republican presumptive nominee following his landslide win in indiana on Tuesday.(Photo by Mark Lyons/Getty Images)

A survey conducted by the Job Creators Network (JCN) showed that small business owners — employers with less than 500 employees — found that 79.4 percent want free market-based healthcare as opposed to Medicare for All or a Public Option.
JNC also asked the 703 local business owners how they think the Trump administration has handled economic issues; 66 percent of the small business owners responded with “good” or “great.”
“When asked who they would vote for if the election was held tomorrow and the Democratic candidate was Joe Biden, more than 73 percent said they would vote for Donald Trump,” the survey said. That number jumped to 77 percent who said they would vote to re-elect President Trump if Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was the Democratic candidate.
“The results speak for themselves: small business owners are thriving and attribute much of their continued success to the pro-growth policies pushed by the current administration,” said Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO of the Job Creators Network, in a press release.
“Additionally, the support for free market healthcare reform aligns with recent efforts of the Job Creators Network Foundation and Physicians for Reform,” Ortiz said. “The Healthcare for You framework aims to inject choice and competition into the healthcare market–giving Americans the decision-making power they want and deserve. Entrepreneurs don’t want a progressive or socialist playing puppet master with businesses and the economy. The free market should be doing the heavy lifting.”
When asked what the top three areas of concern are for them, 56.7 percent of the group of small business owners said high taxes, another 39.8 percent said healthcare, and 37.6 said the Coronavirus concerns them.

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