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Makes Sense – DNC Control Agents Created Biden Coalition With Promises of Administration Positions…

An interesting Axios article starts to explain how Joe Biden was able to catapult from a stammering, incoherent message candidate into the position of unified front-runner. Amid earlier reporting on Team Obama dispatching phone calls ahead of the Super Tuesday vote, things do certainly make sense.

While the Axios report is a general citation of people “in and around the Biden camp”, an extension of Team Obama, the explanation of promising key positions to influence people to get in line does make sense.
According to the inside talk, Elizabeth Warren would be handed Treasury Secretary; Pete Buttigieg a U.N. ambassador position; Kamala Harris as a likely Attorney General (or deputy); Mike Bloomberg to head the World Bank; etc.
Additionally the Vice-Presidential nominee, likely a black female, would be selected by South Carolina black-caucus leader Jim Clyburn who was the critical component of Biden’s resurgence.
Indeed this approach of putting the gang back together, with former President Barack Obama taking control over The Club network and playing the role of puppeteer, does make sense as to how everyone was so quickly brought to heel.  It would also explain who would ultimately be running a Biden administration, and that would not be Joe Biden.

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Biden: 'I Am The Only Candidate Who Can Beat Ronald Reagan'.

HOUSTON, TX—Fresh off his afternoon nap, presidential candidate Joe Biden gave a fiery, high-energy speech in Houston today, claiming to be the only candidate who could beat incumbent Ronald Reagan.
"I am the only candidate who can unite the party to defeat Reagan," he said to scattered applause. "When Super Thursday hits here in a few weeks, we can rally the 150 million Democrats here in the great country of Texas to vote for me so we can get Reagan and his crony Dick Cheney off the Iron Throne there in the Imperial Senate. Go Hoosiers!"
Aides scrambled to turn off Biden's mic but he beat them away with his walker.
"The time has come for the reign of Tippecanoe and Tyler too to end!" he shouted, though by this point he had wandered into a nearby field and no one could hear him.

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