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Migrant Shot Dead by Greek Police as Border Clashes Grow

Greek border police have shot dead a Syrian migrant attempting to reach Europe as clashes grow following Turkey’s announcement that the border was “open.”
The Greek border is being besieged by thousands of migrants convinced they can reach EU welfare havens following Ankara’s decision to stand down.
Following clashes that saw migrants pelt police with rocks and other objects, one victim was shot through the mouth and died at the scene.
“This is the first reported death among immigrants trying to cross the border from Turkey to Greece,” tweeted journalist Jenan Moussa. “A Syrian man is shot dead by Greek border guards. Here is the video.”
The clip shows the man being surrounded by a crowd before they begin chanting “Allahu Akbar” as they carry his body away.
Another more graphic video of the victim was posted by BBC World Service journalist Mughira Al Sharif names the migrant as Ahmed Abu Emad and says his body was taken to Turkey.
The clip will undoubtedly be used by news networks to propagandize Europeans into accepting more “refugees” in large numbers despite the utter disaster that turned out to be over the course of 2015-16.
Another video shows a woman sat on a shore screaming while multiple cameras surround her to catch every second of the drama.
Hey *Globalists*, next time you shoot refugee propaganda make sure your film crew isn't in the shot too.

Btw her first take was better
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Meanwhile, President Erdogan has reportedly activated The Grey Wolves, an extremist militant group that is attacking migrant-owned stores and homes in Turkey in an effort to force them to leave and head to the border.
The militant extremist and Erdogan-supporting Turkish organization "The Grey Wolves" has been put into action.

They are now attacking migrant homes and businesses (vandalizing & looting) across south-western Turkey in an attempt to force migrants to pack up and leave for
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