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Trump Shuts Down Rude White House Reporter: “I Think That’s A Nasty Question”

President Trump declared a national emergency today and calmed a jittery stock market.
He took questions from the media as he usually does without screening, teleprompters, or without aides rushing to his defense.
No president has ever taken so many unscripted questions from the media that I can recall.
Of course, some reporters couldn’t not take the opportunity to showboat.
One that stood out and who Trump quickly shut down was Yamiche Alcindor.
Yamiche works at PBS and at NBC and she took a cheap shot at Trump and asked him a rude question. The office she is talking about was like 4 four people and John Bolton got rid of it during a reorganization by folding it into another group.
Believe me, the fate of our country did not rest in the hands of four mid-level bureaucrats and it is crazy to even try to suggest it.
Trump didn’t miss a beat and shot back: “That’s a nasty question.”

"It's a nasty question," Donald Trump says to @Yamiche when she asks if he takes responsibility for eliminating an office dedicated to pandemic prevention. Trump claims he doesn't know anything about it.

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