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'I'm going to come for your seats': Candace Owens mulls bid for political office

I'm going to come for your seats': Candace Owens mulls bid for ...

A conservative commentator known for her sharp critiques of the Left is considering taking her fight to Washington.
Candace Owens, 30, confirmed to the Washington Examiner she is mulling a run for office, saying the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted a failure on the part of Democrats to demonstrate leadership during a crisis. Owens said that she has yet to decide whether to pursue elected office at the state or congressional level but warned prominent Democrats such as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that she could challenge them. If she runs, she said she will do so somewhere on the East Coast.
"It comes down to where are they doing the most damage, how can I effect the most change? There's no one I'm afraid of. I would run against Gov. Cuomo. I would run against AOC," Owens said. "I'm not just going to send you guys tweets. I'm going to come for your seats. And you better come ready because it's not about money anymore. And there's no pocket you'll be able to hide your corruption that I won't be able to fish it out."
If elected, Owens said she would champion family values and argue that Democratic policies have led to a permanent minority underclass.
"What I would say, above all else, is family is such an important topic. And people don't understand how the Democrat policies, and their strategic breakdown of the family, leads to everything that you see," she said.
Owens said she doesn't rule out future political aspirations, including a presidential bid. "The media created Trump. And the media has created Candace Owens. You tell me what I can't do, and I'll guarantee you I'll do it."
Owens also told Glenn Beck she is "eyeing a seat right now" during a Thursday appearance on BlazeTV.
"I'll tell you something else, Glenn: I'll win," Owens said. "They won't know what hit them."
— Candace Owens (@RealCandaceO) April 2, 2020 

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