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White Genocide: white couple brutally assassinated in South Africa for being white

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Why is the world so silent about South Africa? 

Please watch and share this video. 

A white couple was gunned down in a racist attack at the side of the road after their car ran out of fuel in South Africa. 

Johanco Fleischman, 19, and girlfriend Jessica Kuhn, 23, were executed in cold blood as they waited on a motorway bridge for a family friend to bring them a can of diesel to get them going. 

In South Africa, violent attacks on white farmers are on the rise, according to new information. Official figures indicate that over 80% of those murdered on farms, were white.

What's happening to white farmers in South Africa is one of the most appalling human rights abuses happening in the world right now. 

South African parliament voted to SEIZE white-owned land. This is the beganing of an ethnic cleansing against white people in South Africa. 

Whites in South Africa are being denied jobs and will soon have their land taken away without compensation. As a result, more and more people are finding themselves living on handouts in white squatter camps because they are routinely denied help from anywhere else. 

Why is the world silent? Where are all human rights organizations in the West? 

Where are all the UN human rights organizations?

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