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Comey Admits His Trump-Hating Wife and Pussy Hat Marcher Had Access to Classified Memo Kept in His Personal Safe at Home

The DOJ Inspector General released a report on James Comey Thursday morning on his mishandling of memos he drafted stemming from nine conversations he had with President Trump.
Although it was determined that Comey violated FBI policies pertaining to retention, handling and dissemination of FBI records and information, Barr declined prosecution.
According to the report, James Comey drafted Memo # 2 on his personal laptop rather than a secured FBI laptop.
Memo # 2 was determined to have six words that the FBI determined were classified.
It gets worse…
Comey used his personal printer to generate two paper copies of Memo # 2 and he told investigators that he put one of the copies in his personal safe at home where he stored other personal, family-related items.
Comey told investigators that his Trump-hating, pussy-hat-wearing wife had access to the safe, but at the time she supposedly didn’t know where he kept the key. Right.
Comey told us that he put one original in his personal safe at home, where he stored personal, family-related “things that mean the most” to him. Comey acknowledged that “[i]n theory” his wife also had access to this safe, but told us that at the time, she did not have a key and did not know where he kept his key.
The FBI installed a SCIF [Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility] for Comey at his home, however, he did not use it to create Memo # 2 nor to store this classified memo at his home.
When investigators asked him why he didn’t use the SCIF the FBI installed in his home, Comey said he viewed Memo # 2 as a personal memoir.
Comey said he created Memo # 2 because he viewed Trump as “fundamentally dishonest.”
When asked why, in light of these concerns, he did not write this Memo on the FBI unclassified or classified computers available in the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) the FBI had installed in Comey’s home,62 Comey stated that he “wasn’t thinking about it…[belonging to the] Government—[he] thought…this is for me” so he used his “personal unclass system.”
Comey told the OIG that he drafted Memo 2 in a different style than Memo 1 because he “thought about it differently.” Comey said that, in his mind, Memo 2 was “for me. Also for the FBI. But honestly, at this point I was thinking first about me, close second the FBI.” He told us that he viewed Memo 2 as a personal aide-mémoire. And, and that’s why I did it like this. On my personal device, non-FBI systems; and that I kept one of the originals in my safe, my personal safe, not the Bureau’s. I had a Bureau safe. But I didn’t put it in the Bureau safe, because I didn’t think of it that way.
Comey also used his personal scanner and private email account to send his attorneys four different memos, two of which contained classified information.
Roger Stone gets raided by the FBI for ‘making a false statement’ to the feds, but Comey is freely walking around after violating FBI protocol, leaking and mishandling classified information.

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